Montessori Room Big Bed

Childhood is the most beautiful period of life, it is the time when we believe in fairy tales and kites, ride broomsticks as winged stallions or casually talk to the animals around us even waiting for an answer sometimes. It’s that moment when dreams intersect with reality without a clear border, we absorb all knowledge exactly as we receive it, not being able to reject anything we receive from parents, grandparents, social group.

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It’s a turning point

It’s the moment when the child leaves life in one way or another: with high self-esteem or not, clumsier or more sure of himself, giving or not respecting (and imposing in turn). The initial tendency as a parent is to overprotect the child from all the evil in the world around them – and many parents tend to do this.

So you have a decision to make:

Overprotecting Versus Encouraging Safety and Self-Esteem

Although it is hard to digest, we have to admit that we will not be able to be there for our children all their lives!

What will you choose?

We as parents have chosen to encourage safety and self-esteem! And as entrepreneurs we chose to create products for those who will choose the same.

The Montessori room is the environment that facilitates this educational process in which the child becomes the architect of his own universe:

Knowing that the toy taken from the shelf will have to be put back after I’m done with it, or that the clothes are his choice, just select them from the closet which is very handy. At lunch or in the evening, he chooses his favorite book for his mother or grandfather to read to him, and he will get into bed as many times as he wants and he will be able to get down with the same ease or, simply, if he wants to draw something, he always has the option of doing this using chalk or marker, with or without the chair (which also transforms into a small table if necessary).

The child raised in this environment that is friendly to him and attentive to his needs will be an educated child over time, who plays orderly while managing his own needs; this approach is the guarantee of an education based on learning and knowledge, and this will lead to a high level of self-esteem, as well as a greater degree of adaptability in everyday life.

The child raised in this way will turn into an adult who will be able to solve his own problems and manage them as they arise – he will be a more orderly child, more disciplined with himself and more prepared in the face of life’s trials.

The Montessori room is not a collection of pieces of furniture, it is the enlivening of a good start in life for your child!

  • With high self-esteem
  • Prepared and safe environment for children to relax
  • Learning and knowledge
  • Respect, individual worth


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