Bookcase for children, 84×39.5×84 cm, wood, white, 1.5+ years

The personal library is an indispensable element of a Montessori room: the child grows up with his favorite books, which change with time. In an ideal application of the concept, the child is the one who selects his favorite book, taking care to put it back. In this way, the child grows up familiar with discipline, which puts things in order, but also familiar with the concept of having a library in the room, developing over time an appetite for individual reading.


The utility of the model comes mainly from the display of the books, in such a way that the child can always choose his favorite book at a glance, and the storage space at the back allows the storage of less popular or not (yet) up-to-date books. The design with rounded shapes completes the perfect fit in both the range and the safety regulations, and the availability in several colors opens up new possibilities for fitting into your already familiar home landscape.

Although the standard option for Montessori furniture is white, depending on your preferences you can choose the colors from the presented palette; also, the version presented here also comes with the possibility to order (with a discount) a set (bookcase + large chair + creative table) at a reduced price.


  • Very easy assembly, in accordance with the concept of “two mums – one screwdriver”
  • Easy to move, with rounded corners and easy-to-grab decorative cutouts
  • Superior quality of the material used, which guarantees durability over time
Weight 19,5 kg
Dimensions 84 × 39,5 × 84 cm


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