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Montessori is an education concept for SMART parents, who want to educate their children according to the “Help me do it myself” principle – and we come up with innovative and high-quality furniture solutions for those who appreciate this style.

The good part is that you can earn good money from it if you can recommend us to parents who are interested in our products. The commission received is 10% of any order generated – and a Full Options Montessori Room, for example, brings you 1300 lei as your part of the commission.

How does it work?

Very simple: you sign up as an affiliate, you get a link just for you, you promote it in your circles, and the ProfitShare website tracks whether you’ve generated sales and notifies us to pay you within a maximum of 30 days – monthly as a periodicity.


You have multiple possibilities to promote products to earn money:

  • in groups;
  • in social networks;
  • on forums;
  • on WhatsApp;
  • on your own website;
  • in paid campaigns (Pay Per Click).

We strive to provide you with as many promotion tools as possible, and at this moment you have a choice between:

  • affiliate links;
  • banners
  • product slider

Montessori-style education gives the child the opportunity to choose among the available activities, thus creating the possibility of developing skills in the most appropriate direction.

Montessori-style education is based on the idea of “Help me do it myself”, contrary to the usual “I, as a parent, do things for you”. The self-discipline and self-management acquired during education are later transposed into the order of the child’s adult life.

If it is started from an early age (1.5-2 years) and perpetuated over time, this style of education helps the child to later make his debut with the right in any environment: the child grows up independent, self-confident, aware that he can solve almost any problem and meet any challenge.

This trend is increasingly popular in Romania and we can guarantee that you have arrived at the most appropriate moment to start promoting this type of product. Also, this is an ideal way to increase her income for a mother who is on parental leave and has to deal with many mothers around her.

At the same time, business affiliates (e.g. kindergartens) are very welcome.

Everything starts with a decision to get involved, and from our side you will have all the necessary support. Feel free to write to us for any concerns or support you need; we are here and we will succeed together!