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As early as a few months, children get up and down from the Montessori bed by themselves, they have adaptations to their size for various activities and pieces of furniture specially created for them.


Easy access gives security to the child, who feels that he is in his territory, in a world that he can control by his own means - it is practically a world created on the dimensions of the little ones.

The possibility to choose

The child decides what to wear, what he chooses to play with, what books to color or read to him; these tiny decisions now have the gift of making the future adult responsible and preparing him for the decisions in life.

Order in the room, order in life

The toy box, the cabinet and even the creative box are defining elements that help you support your child in becoming tidy; later, this order will manifest itself in all aspects of his adult life. ​

Autonomy in learning

The child has control over his own learning, being able to choose the activities that interest him and the pace at which he learns.

Sensory Stimulation

The Montessori room is designed to create the framework for a variety of sensory experiences: using the kinetic sand tray, with plasticine, rice or toys, explore from textures and colors to different materials, thus contributing to the development of the child's senses.

Stimulating the imagination

The creative box will be one of the most loved items in the range, having the gift of guiding children in the most pleasant way to their creative side.

Development of cognitive skills

The entire room is designed to stimulate critical thinking, problem solving, and the development of math and language skills.

Managing emotions

This warm and orderly environment helps manage your child's emotions, giving them a safe place to relax and feel in control.

Orientation towards finding solutions

Many times you will see the child turning the chair around and using it as a support to stand up, or as a table; the bench can become a mini-crib in their tiny universe – let their imaginations run free and you will have very pleasant surprises.

Motor development

The room is designed to stimulate fine and gross motor development, some pieces of furniture are designed to be moved and carried by the child.

Collaborative learning

The environment is created in such a way that children can collaborate very well with each other, learning from each other.

Own little house

The shape of the crib is not accidental, it subliminally reinforces the idea of safety and trust.

Natural learning

All these combined elements converge towards the end result: natural and engaging learning by exploring subjects that fascinate him.

Harmonious and balanced development

Întregul mediu creat transmite ideea de liniște și echilibru, astfel ai siguranța de a crește un copil echilibrat și sigur pe sine; toate cele menționate mai sus sunt fundația pregătirii pentru viață.



Beautiful, harmonious design, easy to fit into the home landscape.


It contains safety features studied for each individual product – rounded corners, water-based paint, wall mounts for larger pieces.


The materials used are of high quality, purchased only from top suppliers.


The final product is easy to assemble and comes with precise instructions.


Rearranging the room is very simple with these pieces of furniture.


We have different packages, designed for different needs, so you can choose the most suitable option for you and your child.


Provides convenience and freedom of movement for the child - in a safe environment - true learning platform for your child in the first years of life!


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