About the Tesori Concept

We live in an interconnected and ever-moving world; what we know to be valid today, tomorrow no longer applies – relative to the speed with which things are moving, the reality of the present cannot give us a clear perspective on the future, and this has a consequence: we do not know what the world in which they will live will look like our children, but at the same time we are concerned about their future.

There can only be one solution: educating children in an independent spirit, in such a way that at maturity they become self-taught and adaptable to any situation. This is where the Montessori concept transposed into our products comes in, whose main purpose is educational, without neglecting their practical side, but above all the safety of your child.

Montessori-style education gives the child the opportunity to choose among the available activities, thus creating the possibility of developing skills in the most appropriate direction. Montessori-style education is based on the idea of “Help me do it myself”, contrary to the usual “I, as a parent, do things for you”. The self-discipline and self-management acquired during education are later transposed into the order of the child’s adult life.

If it is started from an early age (1.5-2 years) and perpetuated over time, this style of education helps the child to later make his debut with the right in any environment: the child grows up independently, self-confident, aware that he can solve almost any problem and meet any challenge.

How are we different?

  • We distinguish ourselves from the landscape by the care we have shown in understanding the concept before creating the products;
  • At Tesori, we have been collaborating with Madona Dudu Montessori Kindergarten Craiova since the beginning of the designs, and thus we know well the needs and challenges related to these products, in such a way that we have adapted with the necessary solutions;
  • Integrated design – all products in our range have the same decoration style, merging into a refined and useful design, if you choose to purchase the whole concept: “Montessori Room”;
  • At this moment, thanks to a partnership, our products are tested “to the maximum” in a Montessori educational environment, both for educational qualities and for endurance :D.

BONUS: When purchasing the entire Montessori Room concept you benefit from a special discount compared to the individual prices of the products..