Creative House, 68x50x82 cm, wood, white, 2+ years

A Montessori Room is not complete without a creative space – an area intended for the intellectual stimulation of the child on the artistic side. To solve this need, we designed this piece of furniture with multiple possibilities.


Concept and Design

  • Part of the roof of the house is covered with chalkboard material – all children love to draw with chalk and we have created the perfect environment for this;
  • The other side of the roof is covered with a writing board for the marker – easy to write on, just as easy to clean, effect guaranteed!
  • Other useful and effective accessories include the chimney as a support for crayons or chalk and a “bridge” support for papers and/or watercolors – because at any time the little house can be transformed into a painting table (with the recommendation to use the marker board as a support, for easier cleaning).


  • The child can use the creative house both standing and sitting on the chair (large version);
  • Very easy assembly, according to the “two nuts – one screwdriver” concept;
  • Easy to move, with rounded corners and easy-to-grab decorative cutouts;
  • Superior quality of the material used, which guarantees the durability of the wooden support over time;
  • If the sticker tablets degrade after a large number of uses, they can be easily replaced.

Although the standard option for Montessori furniture is white, depending on your preferences you can choose the colors from the presented palette; also, the version presented here also comes with the possibility of ordering (with a discount) a set (small table + large chair) or (table + 2 large chairs).

Weight 14,6 kg
Dimensions 68 × 50 × 82 cm


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