Montessori House

Childhood is the most beautiful period of life, it is the time when we believe in fairy tales and kites, ride broomsticks as winged stallions or casually talk to the animals around us even waiting for an answer sometimes. It’s that moment when dreams intersect with reality without a clear border, we absorb all knowledge exactly as we receive it, not being able to reject anything we receive from parents, grandparents, social group.

16.000,00 lei

The Montessori House, our flagship innovation, is an ingenious combination of Montessori principles integrated into multiple areas within the home. This holistic design approach is reflected in the multiple functionalities it offers, starting with the Montessori Room and extending to elements such as the children’s ladder and the learning tower.

Certainly one of the key aspects of the Montessori House is the Montessori Room itself. This is not just an ordinary room, but a space specially designed to encourage the exploration and development of children’s autonomy. In this room, children can discover activities that stimulate their senses and develop essential skills for everyday life. From educational games to concentration exercises, the Montessori Room is truly the heart of our product.

To extend the benefits throughout the house, we also included the children’s ladder in the design of the Montessori House. This ladder is not only an aesthetic element, but a practical tool that facilitates children’s access to various areas of the house. Through the ladder, children can gain independence, learning to manage their own space and explore the world around them. It is a useful and safe addition that helps to increase children’s confidence and motor skills.

Another innovative element of the Montessori House is the learning tower, with a functionality specially adapted for the kitchen. This tower gives children the opportunity to actively participate in kitchen activities, such as cooking or preparing meals. While providing a safe and stable space for children, this learning tower encourages their involvement in the daily processes of life. Thus, children not only learn to develop their culinary skills, but also to take responsibility in a fun and educational way.

In addition, Casa Montessori extends its beneficial influence to the entrance area of the house. Here, the hanger and shoe rack have been adapted to the needs of children to help them develop their independence and learn to organize their own things. With a friendly design and adapted to their height, these elements encourage dressing and shoeing practices in a pleasant and educational way. Also, the bench in the entrance area serves not only as a convenient place to wait for shoes, but also as a space dedicated to activities such as tying shoelaces or adjusting clothes.

This integral approach to design, covering both educational and functional aspects, makes Casa Montessori not just a product, but an experience. It is an investment in children’s development, giving them the tools to build essential skills in a safe and stimulating environment. The Montessori House is not just a set of furniture, but a philosophy implemented in every aspect of the daily life of children and their families.


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