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Montessori Room

Childhood is the most beautiful period of life, it is the time when we believe in fairy tales and kites, ride broomsticks as winged stallions or casually talk to the animals around us even waiting for an answer sometimes. It’s that moment when dreams intersect with reality without a clear border, we absorb all knowledge exactly as we receive it, not being able to reject anything we receive from parents, grandparents, social group.

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The Montessori concept emphasizes independence in the child’s development, and the bed becomes a central element in this process. Opening and closing the bed are significant challenges early in life, and learning these skills in the early stages of childhood helps to develop increased levels of independence and self-confidence.

In the first months, the co-sleeping cot becomes essential, providing not only a comfortable space, but also elements such as the mirror and the stand for contrast drawings, essential for the development of vision during this period. Over time, it transforms into a multifunctional element, becoming a nursing chair and later a desk adapted to the child’s height.

Managing toys often becomes a challenge for parents and the solution comes in the form of the toy cabinet. It not only organizes the space, but also teaches the child to organize his objects, promoting order in the room and developing responsibility.

Another essential component in a Montessori room is the creative box, a space dedicated to the intellectual and artistic stimulation of the child. This piece of furniture offers multiple possibilities for the development of creativity and individual expression.

A wardrobe adapted to the child’s height expands the range of possibilities, from choosing outfits to establishing rules regarding the order of clothes and shoes. This practice teaches little ones responsibility and encourages them to develop their own organizational system.

The personal library is an essential part of a Montessori room, giving the child access to their favorite books as they grow. In the ideal implementation of the concept, the child selects his own books and learns to put them back, developing discipline and an appetite for individual reading.

The chairs included in the Montessori room are ideal for the little ones, easy to handle and safe with their rounded shape. They can be used both as chairs and as tables, offering flexibility and adaptability in the space intended for the child.

The bench included in this furniture set is perfectly proportioned for children and can serve as both a bench and a small table. This piece of furniture quickly becomes indispensable for parents with several children or in situations where guests with small ones are invited.

The child raised in a Montessori environment becomes an adult capable of solving problems and managing life’s challenges. This approach teaches him order, discipline and prepares the ground for a structured and responsible life.

In conclusion, the Montessori room is not just a collection of pieces of furniture; it represents enlivening a positive start in your child’s life, providing an environment conducive to development and learning.


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