Montessori crib/bed for child + adult, wood, white, 1.5+ years

Independence is the watchword when it comes to the Montessori concept, and the bed is the area where a child spends the most time. We see them as trivial, but getting in and out of bed are complicated challenges early in life. Being able to learn these skills as early as possible in life gives the child the necessary degree of independence and self-confidence.

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The Montessori bed is built at ground level, with a very low slatted base, thus allowing the child from the age of one to get in and out of bed by himself. The small house aspect reinforces the safety effect offered by this model, at the same time integrating better into the “Montessori room” concept.

The child’s awakening must take place in the best conditions, naturally and in a friendly environment; thus, it is indicated that from the cot (cottage) his perspective on the room is not obstructed at all, and that it offers him a familiar, friendly and light-colored landscape. The furniture in the Montessori Room is precisely designed in this sense.

The cot also comes with an integrated side bookcase, with the books arranged for the best possible display, a fact that stimulates the child’s appetite for the favorite “nighttime story”.

Another advantage is the minimization of the risks associated with falling out of bed during sleep, knowing that these situations are quite common in children.

Constructed of quality materials, carefully rounded and polished, and later painted only with products suitable for children’s furniture (for example water-based paint), the Montessori bed will very soon become the child’s favorite place, fulfilling the role of a welcoming “house” , even when it’s not bedtime.

Available in 2 sizes, we have in mind both parents who are successfully teaching their children to sleep on their own, and those who are still co-sleeping with them. Children have such different personalities that there is no right way and wrong way to handle this.

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