Toy Box Cabinet, 93.5x37x95 cm, wood, white, 1.5+ years

This is the place in the “Montessori Room” where the toys are chosen and also here they will be stored in an orderly place after use. In this way, we win in terms of order, and the child wins in terms of organization.


Any parent at some point becomes overwhelmed by the number of toys and how to manage them; in order to make the child more orderly and to fight the “chaos” in the room, we must present him with the solution: the toy cabinet.

Displaying them on the shelves makes it easier to choose from a box, preserving their appeal, as opposed to a cluttered display that gives the impression that they are mostly incomplete or defective.

With a special design and within the landscape of the “Montessori room”, we made sure it was designed with the child’s safety in mind – the rounded shapes, the possibility of anchoring in the wall and the lack of doors where hands can be caught are just a few examples that we I thought when I designed this piece.

Although the standard option for Montessori furniture is white, depending on your preferences you can choose the colors from the presented palette; also, the version presented here comes with the possibility of ordering (with a discount) a set (toy cabinet + clothes cabinet) or (toy cabinet + clothes cabinet + coffee table + chair).

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 93,5 × 37 × 95 cm


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