Adjustable Learning Tower, 44.5x40x90 cm, wood, white, 1.5+ years

In the education process, the key to success is involvement: the child must be as involved as possible in the current activities at home – a good example being cooking; by participating, the child is no longer bored, learns certain motor skills, feeling useful at the same time: this is just one of the uses of the Montessori learning tower.


This wonderful tower is ideal for your child: with the right weight to be carried even by the little ones, with perfectly rounded shapes for safety and with the flexibility to be used as both a chair and a table, this piece of furniture will become quickly the main attraction of the house. Designed to be useful in every way, the learning tower even has a chalkboard on the front.

The attractive design raises the existing standard on the market at the moment, the availability in several colors opens up new possibilities for fitting into your already familiar home landscape.

When the child grows, just adjust the adjustable part of the tower and it will have a different support height, adapted to the new needs.

Although the standard option for Montessori furniture is white, depending on your preferences you can choose the colors from the presented palette; also, the version presented here comes with the possibility of ordering (with a discount) a set (table + chair) or (table + 2 chairs).

The sturdy and solid structure allows in some places to be used as a height support step, but only for adults under 50 kg and not for basic use.

Weight 10,2 kg
Dimensions 44,5 × 40 × 90 cm


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